Angular, Vue.js or React.js Front-ends


Hi, I am just revisiting a web project, but I have been struggling envisioning how the various competing front-end frameworks like React.js, Vue.js and even Angular 4 are supposed to idiomatically connect to an Echo backend API running on Nginx. I realize I’m complicating things, since the crux of my problem lies in deciding to adhere to the Golang language; but I’ve chosen Golang for its straightforward setup, and its ability to provide conciseness alongside Java and C++ contending performance. Does anyone have any links or books/references that might better guide me in using Nginx/Golang/Echo/{front-end}. Any framework will work, since they each have their advantage – as long as it has a fellow Echo fanatic’s recommendation.


Backend: Golang
Backend framework: Echo
Frontend framework: Vue.js

This is the combination that I use :smiley:

Give a try!


Hey you can find some info here