Binding slice of map to struct not working


Is this currently possible?

I need to be able to bind the following to a struct from form body. So far it only works when payload is json.

"message": "Task started successfully",
"chainTaskUUID": [
        "streams3": "task_f2ff20d4-1613-4dc6-9494-c4a4cb9af976"
        "email": "task_0bb9c2e4-691a-4bf9-8718-6679701b2200"

And my struct is:

type TaskIDs struct {
	TaskUUID      []map[string]string  `json:"taskUUID,omitempty" form:"taskUUID" schema:"taskUUID"`
	ChainTaskUUID []map[string]string  `json:"chainTaskUUID,omitempty" form:"chainTaskUUID" schema:"chainTaskUUID"`