Essay About Student Days

Student Days - Share a little about life as a student, what kind of a person were/are you (introvert, outgoing). I had always been a studious guy, slightly introvert but extremely confident and independent. I learned a lot from situations around me when I was at school, and realized that life teaches much more than books. Even today, I use some of the situations faced as a kid, to my advantage in my business strategies. Many of my quirky marketing strategies are direct results of my quirkiness as a student. - What were your career plans when you started IIT and how did they change over time. I got into IIT by doing self study, and like many other freshers, I was keen to explore my true passion while at IIT. I find IIT Bombay to have so many learning opportunities, that its tough not to find your true calling here. In my first year, I focused on learning everything that I can, by joining various clubs and groups. I have never planned a career and I still believe in the constant process of learning. The more we learn, the more we discover about what our future holds for us.

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