How to set composite query parameter?

I want to set composite query parameter
Because those ids are composite primary key on db.

I tried below struct
and request
but echo cannot return response.

type Item struct {
	Q    string   `json:"q" xml:"q" form:"q" query:"q"`
	ID   []ID     `json:"id" xml:"id" form:"id" query:"id"`
	List []string `json:"list" xml:"list" form:"list" query:"list"`

type ID struct {
	PID  string `json:"pid" xml:"pid" form:"pid" query:"pid"`
	PGID string `json:"pgid" xml:"pgid" form:"pgid" query:"pid"`

By the way, express.js can receive below query parameter.


req.query structured below.


How can I set struct and query parameter for composite param?