Middleware log latency_human unit


Hi. I love Echo and it’s running very well in my application

I can define middleware log format and I can use it access log in my application like below…

loggerConfig.Format = `{"time":"${time_rfc3339_nano}","remote_ip":"${remote_ip}","host":"${host}",` +
               `"cookie.ne":"${cookie:ne}","latency_human":"${latency_human}","bytes_out":"${bytes_out}"}` + "\n"

However, I can’t define the latency_human unit(seconds, miliseconds) because logger.go only sub from stop time to start time.
stop.Sub(start).toString ()

So, the latency_human unit is not constant depends on the execution time.
I think that it is important because the analyistic system will get the log file but the unit is problem.

See the nginx or apache access log file.

Can I fix the unit or make anther key ?

Thank you.